What about eating wine?

The Real WINE gum aims to: Realize the relaxed feeling and the taste experience of the first sip of wine in a new way, without actually drinking.


What a party! Finally you can re-create that relaxed wine moment anywhere at any time with an edible wine tasting, alone or with friends. The two of us are big wine fans and like to describe ourselves as ambitious and balanced. We came together through working in the financial world. We are professional businesswomen with a drive to succeed, each with her own talent in the field of marketing, conceptual design and finance. We combine our knowledge to bring new, extraordinary concepts to the market. Our design intensifies the perception of wine by pouring it into a new edible form.


The Real WINE Gum came into existence through an art school experiment. Mireille Reuling is a conceptual designer (3D and New Media) based in Amsterdam. In 2012 she developed a 3D art installation: The Wine Xperience. With this she tried to recreate the feeling of that first sip of wine, without actually drinking it. Spectators were undergoing an experience in which all of their senses were stimulated, with wine as its main component. For this installation the visual arts, theater, food & drinks, and entrepreneurship inspired her. The Real WINE Gum is the manifestation of the ‘taste’ category of this installation.