When craftmanship and true elegance come together… de Morteuil

The emblem of chique and independent women. The coats and bags of de Morteuil embody elegance by nature and know-how by excellence in the idea of sustanability.

de Morteuil was initially specialised in high-end scarves and stoles but in the 80’ it started creating and making coats in shearling: a warm, soft, light and noble material.

The skins are 100% european, coming from Italy, Portugal and Spain, and all products are then handcrafted in an atelier in Brussels.  The brand is based upon strong values of quality, sustainability and ethics, favoring a limited number of pieces or exclusive collections for Belgium and Switzerland.

The family spirit of the house is also an integral part of the collections. Each model is inspired by the tastes and desires of the women around the designer (his wife and three daughters). Over the years, the collection has extended to coats, waistcoats, ponchos and, more recently, bags, also all made in shearling.

The many hours of craftsmanship and the skills required at each stage of the production are important components of the final cost price of each unique de Morteuil piece. This historic and traditional way of working is sustainable, and it is part of an environmentally friendly policy that values local products and craftsmen.