Who made your Amsterdenim jeans?

The future of fashion is sustainable. We asked Amsterdenim who makes their clothes.

“We do our best to produce in a sustainable way by keeping it close at home (our jeans are produced in Italy and Turkey) working with certified factories, using as little water and chemicals as possible and working more and more with laser finishes. Most people don’t know that over 60% of waste comes not from production but from usage. Therefore, we advise to “Buy Less, Buy Better” and to “Wear more often, Wash less often”. It is similar to the food industry, where you have less impact when eating meat from a quality butcher once every one or two weeks instead of going for cheap fast food or meat from the supermarket on a daily basis.

For a sustainable future transparency is key. We need everyone to be involved so we need to show what we’re doing so people can get more involved and keep an eye on things. Click¬†HERE to see whom we work with, “Who Made Your Clothes” and which causes we support. We are sharing this not to show you how good we are but so you can help us to become better. This is an invitation to take a closer look and to give us advice and to ask us questions.”