Without a doubt the best T-shirt label from Ghent!

Negenduust is the clothing brand par excellence for people living in Ghent and sympathizers. It is fabricated as much as possible ethically and ecologically and is a must-have in the closet of every ‘Gentenaar’.

At Negenduust we obviously have a heart for Ghent. Our clothes are proudly worn by the Gentenaars and their sympathizers and we are very happy about that. Our intention is to bring people together and provide them with an identity to promote social cohesion in Ghent in this way. That identity was necessary. The subcultures of some time ago are as good as extinct and we enthusiastically offer an alternative team to be part of. A community that stands for respect for each other and love for Ghent. Not only for people of a certain political nature, with a certain origin, who love football or listen to a certain type of music. A brand for everyone!

Bomski & Bomski, the company behind Negenduust, was founded in 2013 as a pioneer in the field of chauvinistic clothing. “If you think of Ghent, think of Negenduust” is the mission for which we are committed. We absolutely want to retain the position as market leader in the field of chauvinistic clothing in Belgium in order to be able to respond as well as possible to the wishes of our customers. In order to be able to offer something for everyone, we also have T-shirts, sweaters, tiles, buttons, hats and so on. During the entire production process we try to be as creative as possible to make our designs or designs inspiring for every Gentenaar. As a brand, we focus on stylish and qualitative products with not just any Ghent word or Ghent statement. We choose designs, words and spells with vision and elegance.