Zokk’n, cool socks that you can combine? Brilliant idea!

The universal problem of the lonely socks is completed past tense. Yet if it depends on Zokk’n, the new Belgian brand that brings endless combinable single socks to the market. With Zokk’n you no longer have to throw away a good sock because the other one has disappeared. From now on you can combine all Zokk’n, or buy new … by piece!

The label works with a palette of seven colours that feel perfect together. Each sock contains four of those seven colours, plus the toe colour. That toe is important, because the colour depends on the size.

By choosing a West Flemish name, the designer refers to her own roots and her preference for local, European production. This collection is made in Portugal, with soft Italian merino wool.

Zokk’n love creative and classic feet, lazy and hasty feet, dusty and exploratory feet.

“Creative feet do like to combine single socks, and rushed feet no longer waste time searching for that other sock…”